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Nasruddin's mission is to bring joy to you

In true Sufi fashion, Nasruddin aims to bring joy to all, regardless of age, who care to listen and watch. He bears no personal responsibility for wisdom gained or lessons learned. This disclaimer may be void in certain states. See your purveyor of wisdom for details. was launched March 1, 2005 to spread the Nasruddin effect far and wide through performances, appearances, interviews, seminars and workshops.

The population of the US has become much more aware of the Islamic faith in recent years. Nasruddin feels it's his duty to encourage understanding and tolerance of all faiths, and to encourage and illustrate the journey toward spiritual awareness.

He is also a living example of peace of mind. Since Nasruddin firmly believes Allah will not send him more trials than he can bear, more bills than he can afford, or more joy than he can stand, he is not upset, no matter what disaster seems to befall him.

Many more people today follow a spiritual path, and even more have an interest in spiritual subjects. The self-help phenomenon has moved beyond psychology and into wider issues of connectedness and the awareness of spirit.

Nasruddin is launching a fund-raising campaign to build a "scholarship" fund for those seeking performances. Nasruddin is quite satisfied that his agent, Richard Merrill, doesn't intend to get rich quick on the back of Nasruddin's good graces and popularity. It will probably take a long time. has not incorporated as an official not-for-profit organization, so he cannot offer tax incentives for donation of funds at this precise moment, but he is working with charitable organizations to that end, to encourage the widest possible performance and inevitable exhaustion of Nasruddin.

Rub the lamp (click) to inquire about making a donation.To inquire about supporting this highly noble and self-sacrificing endeavor, the wonders of modern technology allow you to communicate magically. Simply rub the lamp:

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