Copyright and Nasruddin

Nasruddin's take on Intellectual Property issues

Nasruddin observes that he is not an intellectual, and he doesn't own any property, so what's the point?

The point is that traditional stories are traditional, and only a specific published telling of the story may be copyrighted. The stories appear here in written form; they shouldn't, because Nasruddin doesn't write them down! However, his agent and disciple, Richard Merrill, has transcribed some of the best tellings and made them available here. They are under copyright. The synopses are meant to be a little mysterious; for the real deal, read the stories. Anything you quote from the site should be attributed to, so you will sleep better.

The sand dune photo used in our menu is attributed to Paul Stone of USGS. It is used by permission of the US Geological Service website, which provides all its information as a public service. The background photo is by Boris Ulzibat from Pexels. Nasruddin is comfortable using these images, because there will be no profit generated from its use, nor will the image be for sale. Besides, they set the perfect tone.

The other images on the site are the work of Nasruddin's agent/disciple, Richard Merrill. if you are interested in using one, you have but to ask.

The site and its contents are ©2005-2009 by Richard Merrill, on Nasruddin's behalf, of course.

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